May 25, 2009

Some Useful Adsense and Traffic Tips for Beginners

911332182 Adsense, Adsense , Adsense...! I'm sure most of you might have read numerous articles or posts about Adsense and Traffic Tips like Adsense Optimization Tips, Increase your Adsense Earnings, I made XXXXX bucks and so on. You might be fed up with those articles because of its 'lengthiness' or 'boring' explanations. I'm not putting you under 'boredom' conditions! Anyway let me start like this:

Adsense alone won't bring money into your pocket. You must get Good amount of Traffic for that.The success formula is:
Traffic + Adsense = Money..!

Here are some 'simple traffic generation tips' for Google Adsense users. Though some of these tips may be familiar to you, you can get some more useful 'tips' while reading..! Read, understand and please make it practice if you want to be a Successful Adsense Publisher:

  • Submit some of your blog articles to various Article directories such as Articles Factory, Articles Hub, Article Base, Article Biz etc...
  • Use Technorati Tags
  • Submit your best articles to Digg, Yahoo Buzz and
  • Frequently Comment on other Niche blogs(Blogs with similar topics)
  • Submit Sitemaps to Google Webmasters and Yahoo Site Explorer
  • Use a Blogroll containing your favourite related Blogs/Websites
  • Try to Post at least one article/content per day
  • Make your content unique and useful
  • Update the Blog with breaking news, new informations and make it a Valuable Content
  • DO NOT click Your Adsense Ads Yourself, your Adsense Account will be banned
  • Match your Adsense Ads with your site's theme and color
  • Place Ads on TOP(468x60, 728x90 etc) and between blog posts(300x250,200x200 etc)

    These are just 'very simple' tips which might be 'useful' for the 'Beginners' and also for others. So Try to Build a Good, Quality Contented, Unique and Frequently updated Blog to get More Traffic to your Blog.

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