October 13, 2009

Traffic Analysis Services

interchange_homepage It is very important for marketers and SEO specialists to be able to accurately assess the traffic to the site, to analyze ROI, CTR,  and sales . For these purposes, they use the  traffic analysis systems (services). There are very huge number of such systems, some of them are paid, part are  free of charge, some collect statistics remotely, while others require the installation of scripts on the server. In order to better navigate in many existing systems, I suggest you look at the list of the most popular and convenient services traffic analysis.

Google Analytics – free and very convenient traffic analysis system. Namely, it has priority than the paid system Stuffed Tracker (requires installation on the server), which allows convenient way to generate reports on sales, software downloads, all actions of users, to analyze the ROI of advertising campaigns, etc. The only negative side of Stuffed Tracker  is  low scalability. The system starts to slow down at high traffic flows. However, it copes with  up to 5000 unique visitors per day.

Yahoo! Web Analytics – is  only for users who are members of Yahoo Small Business. Service had very good feedback, so if you are a member of Yahoo, you can safely join .

Quantcast – a popular free service.
AWStats – open source system that requires installation on the server where the site is available. Gives comprehensive analysis of web traffic, but poorly applied for marketing purposes.

Piwiki – similar system to AWStats, with a modern Web 2.0 interface.

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