January 20, 2009

What is an RSS Feed and Why Syndicate Your Blog?

Blog_Format Blog feeds or RSS feeds allow for feed readers to access a site that automatically looks for new content from all of their favorite blogs. By syndicating your blog through an RSS feed you can allow your readership to access all of your new blog posts without requiring them to actually visit your blog. They can still click through to visit your blog, especially for the purpose of leaving comments or participating in the conversation, but not having to visit your site every day in search of new content is a great way to improve your readership. Most people who are reading blogs online in this day and age are using RSS feed readers to allow them to keep up with syndicated content from all of their favorite websites and blogs, so if you are not already syndicating your blog through an RSS feed, then you are probably depriving yourself of a large proportion of readers that you were completely unaware of.

So what is an RSS Feed?

Simply put, an RSS feed allows for easy online content distribution. RSS feeds can be read as plain text files, but they are actually designed to be read through RSS feed readers, and there are a wide variety of different RSS feed readers to choose from. Readers can vary from being standalone applications, to being completely online based web applications.

How can you publish a blog feed?

If you are using a blogging platform like Wordpress, then you are actually in luck because Wordpress has a built in RSS feed functionality that allows you to syndicate your blog posts without even knowing it in certain circumstances. If you are using any other blogging platform, however, you are going to have to look into whether or not the RSS syndicating is being done for you or not. You may have to look for an appropriate plugin to make sure that you can automatically syndicate your blog posts to an RSS feed. To view your Wordpress blog RSS feed, you simply need to navigate to http://www.yourdomainname.com/blog/feed or http://www.yourdomainname.com/feed depending on how you have your blog location set up.

Okay, but what is a feedburner?

Feedburner provide services allowing RSS publishers to expand on the features that are already being provided by their basic feed by burning their feed, which allows for the following benefits:

- Feed burning allows you to view detailed stats about your blog feed readership,
- Feed burning allows your readers to subscribe to your RSS feed easily no matter what feed reader they happen to be using,
- Feed burning allows you to better format your RSS feeds for different directories and readers,
- Feed burning allows you to display your feed burner stats easily.

There are numerous different types of feed burners that you can find and utilize online, as long as you are willing to do a little bit of internet research to find the best feed burner for your needs.

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January 17, 2009

15 Things to do When There is Nothing to Blog About

blog So you are blogging all the week like 24/7 and suddenly one day you find yourself with nothing to write about.

You might be deeply thinking about :

  • What should i write now?
  • What to do?
  • Where should i get my inspiration from?
  • Why can't I just think of something to blog !!?
  • What's happening to me!!!!?

This is a time where you loose hope and might even get the idea to stop blogging. Well this is a major reason why most of the bloggers sell their blogs or just close them down! 

You come to a state where you get frustrated over yourself, well this is a big factor for those who love to blog. 

So what to do now? I come across this moment most of the time and I find myself doing these below, I recommend these for all those out there who need them for the moment :

  1. Write an article about a website you love to visit all the time.
  2. Search for stories from Digg and write something about it.
  3. Visit some PTC sites and click some ads.
  4. Write about something funny or articles on love..!!! (This works all the time for me)
  5. Participate in some forums like MeraWindows, Thinkdigit and Indiastudy channel so that others might find a way to your blog.
  6. Visit some awesome blogs like problogger and learn about new stuff.
  7. Maintain your blog ( clean up useless stuff from your blog )
  8. Submit your blog in different blog catalogue's.
  9. Write some paid posts on PayPerPost.
  10. Edit your old posts for nice SEO.
  11. Add some sites that I love to surf in Blogroll (although they are very less right now)
  12. Notify about some free utilites which can be really very useful for most of the folks.
  13. Try writing an extension or a sequel to your featured post, which brings back your readers.
  14. TAKE A BREAK ! well we are human beings and not machines right?
  15. Visit my blog and enjoy yourself.

You know what people, this article was a result of me running out of articles to post..!

Well lastly to all the bloggers out there,

Blogging is not our Job, It's our passion

So guys let me know what you do in times like these..

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January 16, 2009

To Advertise or Not to Advertise?

When it comes to creating and writing in a blog, one of the most important questions that a lot of first time bloggers find themselves asking is whether or not they should do any advertising. The truth is, there is never really a situation where advertising is bad, as long as you are advertising in the right way. There are a multitude of different ways that you can advertise on your blog, including advertising to bring people to your blog, and advertising on your blog to generate revenue through your blogging endeavor. Both of these forms of advertising have benefits, but they also have a small selection of drawbacks as well.

Advertising to Gain Traffic -

Advertising for the purpose of gaining traffic may mean search engine optimization, posting content to article submission websites, putting your blog link in your e-mail signature and finding other ways to spread the word about your blog. One of the most advantageous ways to attract people to your blog is to socialize, commenting in other blogs and facilitating conversations in a way that will attract people back to yours.

The Advantage -

The advantage to advertising your blog is obviously, as it will attract an increase in traffic and readership to your content, attracting more people to see what you are writing. There are plenty of ways to advertise your blog, and many of them are inexpensive or completely free.

The Disadvantage -

The disadvantage to advertising your blog is the fact that it can take away from the time you need to keep your blog updated. Luckily, many forms of advertising your blog can be done simply by writing in it and socializing through it, so you should not feel like you are limited in how much advertising you can do.

Advertising to Monetize your Blog -

This is another excellent reason to advertise because it allows you to generate money from your blog through advertising. If you want to make a little money back from your blogging effort, find out more about affiliate marketing, AdSense and other forms of advertising for monetization.

The Advantage -

You can make back the costs for your blog website and can even generate some extra money on the side without doing much work. Simply writing relevant content will do much of the advertising for you.

The Disadvantage -

Some readers are put off by obvious advertisements. If your blog pages are overloaded with adverts, you may be overwhelming your readers, which can chase them away. Make sure that your ads are visible, but not overwhelmingly so.

Once you know the ins and outs of advertising through blogging, and the advantages and disadvantages associated with each, you can make smart decisions regarding whether or not your blogging endeavor needs a little bit of advertising.

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January 6, 2009

Making A Blog At Blogspot



Maybe, there're some of you who still don't understand about blog, and still wondering about blog. As my kindness, I’ll try to review a little about blog. (Based on my version),

1. Blog, What it is?

Blog (abbreviation from Web log) is sites which more dominant in private characteristic. This means, most of the content will be affected (realize or not) by the characteristic of the Blogger (Blog user) himself.

Blog was made by the designers of the blog provider in order to work automatically and easily to be operated on, so for we that still was confused with the programming language to make one website still not the problem.If you could have made an email account in the internet, then in made blog then I was convinced you could.

2. How to make a blog?

As if when we start to make an ordinary e-mail, we’ll need an account first, to make a blog. Because of that reason, feel please to register yourself in free blog provider. We can find a lot of free blog provider in internet, and some blog provider which really famous nowadays, are http://www.blogger.com, http://www.wordpress.com or http://www.blogsome.com.

In this chance, I’m going to review about make a blog in http://www.blogger.com Click the picture below to register.

Saw the picture below:


After we arrive in Blogger.com, you will see picture like shown above. Now, follow my instruction.

  1. Click an arrow sign, inscribed with “CREATE YOUR BLOG NOW
  2. Complete the ‘e-mail address’ form, with your own e-mail address (of course with the valid one).
  3. Rewrite your e-mail address in form ‘retype e-mail address’
  4. Type the password as you wanted to. Type it in form, ‘enter a password’
  5. Retype your password in form ‘type password again’
  6. Type the password as you wanted to. Type it in form, ‘enter a password’
  7. Retype your password in form ‘type password again’
  8. Type the word which has shown, in form ‘word verification’. Click the white little square beside the sentence, ‘I accept the Terms of Service’.
  9. Click an arrow sign inscribed with “CONTINUE
  10. Write the title of your blog that you desire (you can change it later) in form ‘Blog Title’
  11. Type the name of your site in form ‘Blog Address (URL)’ .
  12. Type verification word which shown in form ‘word verification’. After that, click an arrow image inscribed with word, ‘CONTINUE’.
  13. Choose one template that you wanted to (You can change it later, if you want), then click again an arrow sign inscribed with word ‘CONTINUE’.
  14. Wait a moment. After you meet a sentence ‘Your blog has been created’. Click an arrow sign (again) which inscribed with “BEGIN POSTING’. Feel please to fill up your blog with everything you want to. After you finish with your first posting, just click the sentence, ‘PUBLISH YOUR POSTING’, Please write What you want, if being finished then click of the publish button.
  15. It's Done.
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