June 27, 2009

6 Tips How to Write Effective PPC Ads

Pay per Click Nowadays, it became quite easy to start and maintain Pay per Click (PPC) campaigns. Looking from the dull side, there is a lot of money being wasted given that these Ads are appealing to the visitor, thus reducing the Click through Rate.

Writing effective PPC Ads can be quite easy. The most important thing to remember is that the one and only goal of your PPC Ad is to get clicked. There is no room for branding and no time to sell. You can do all that on the landing page, but only if you get the visitor to your landing page.

Keep in Mind: The Headline

Just as in all advertising, the headline is the most important part of your PPC Ad. In fact, studies show that Ads with powerful headlines get clicked even if the rest of the ad copy is below average. The number one tip is to include your keyword in your headline. And whenever possible, include active words and speak to your target market. Avoid exclamation points or other symbols which only take up space.

Keep in Mind: The Benefits

Again, writing a PPC ad is not much different than writing a display ad - except of course you have much less words to work with. Emphasize the benefits to your visitors, not the features of your products. In other words, what will your customer get when he uses your product or service?

Keep in Mind: Your Target Market

Display Ads work best when the reader believes the Ad is meant for him - and the same goes for your PPC Ad. While you might not have enough space to use "Attention: Small Business Owners" you can probably fit the word "you" into your Ad.

Keep in Mind: The Action

You don't want to waste your precious Ad space with the obvious "click here" but you can refer to what action the visitor will take on your landing page. How about "take the quiz" or "request and instant quote" or whatever fits your particular situation.

Keep in Mind: Your Secondary Goal

The number one goal is to get a click, but what do you hope to accomplish once the visitor gets to your landing page? Do you want to capture names, or do you want to make a sale? If you want as many names as possible, offer something free in your Ad.

Keep in Mind: The Competition

Before writing your Ads look at current Ads for your keywords. Next, do the exact opposite of what the industry norm is. Why? PPC is similar to the yellow pages with all your competitors lumped into one space, looking almost identical. Do something different so you will stand out from the crowd.

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June 26, 2009

How to Hide/Remove Label Count in Blogger Blogs

Some people prefer not to display the label count in their blogs as it looks a bit unprofessional. Lets say if you have a label 'Funny sms' with 50 label count and another one ' Good morning sms' with 2 as label count... less people will show interest on clicking the second one.


So, let’s see how to hide or remove the Label count in your blogger blog(s)...

1. Sign into Blogger dashboard » Layout » Edit html

Tick the expand widget templates and remove this line from the template..

<span dir='ltr'>(<data:label.count/>)</span>

 removing label count

2. Save the Changes and done!

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June 25, 2009

Tips to Improve Visitors Bounce Rate

blog Bounce rate is the percentage or amount of visitors who leave your website after arriving at the entry page. These are visitors who ‘bounce away’ after arriving without viewing other pages on your website. You can easily find your website’s bounce rate by using statistics tools like Google Analytics.

A low bounce rate means that visitors are exploring your website in greater detail meaning that they are more engaged with your content. High bounce rates of over 60% require immediate attention. Below find some tips to help you reduce your bounce rate and increase visitors’ loyalty.

Page Headline

Most times a wrong page headline can make your visitors quickly click the back button. Your headline should make visitors want to continue reading. Typically when you visit a website you begin by reading the headline. If the headline connects with you then you begin reading the contents of the page.

Add Photos, Videos or Screen Shots to Catch Attention

Adding a nice screen shot of your product or a photo will cause visitors to give a second look. Use a good caption below the picture to grab their attention and make them interested. Embedded videos are a great way to reduce bounce rate since it takes time to view a video.

Improve the Web Page Loading Time

Visitors tend to click the back button if the page takes long to load. Optimize your HTML code, remove unwanted images and optimize your images. Consider a new website design. Go for a simple, practical but decent looking design.

Improve Navigation

Assume that your visitor knows nothing about your site. Assume that they want more information. Make navigation points easy to access, position links around content. There are many ways to orient your visitors and the most important principle is to make the links highly visible and relevant to the current page.

Test your Web Pages

Test your website with a group of users. Ask them to enter your site from specific pages. Get feedback based on their experiences. This will give you ways to improve.

To best achieve this, you should regularly analyze and study your bounce rate. After collecting data, implement changes to your website and see if the bounce rate improves. Also, determine how it affects your goals. Finally, make changes if necessary.

If you’ve not paid any attention to your bounce rate before, try starting today. It might help you to dramatically improve your website.

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June 21, 2009

Give Your Website a Global Appeal

crowdsourcing A research has found that not less than 85% people rely on search engines when it comes to finding relevant information online. While organic search is used predominantly - as many as 70% of the search engine users according to reliable source, Paid or Sponsored links also help users extensively as an alternative but dominant search method. So, for getting a good rank for a site on any search engine, like Google, Yahoo and others, search engine optimization plays a real trick. Various tactics are used in the process of search engine optimization ranging from Domain Name Registration to aggressive PPC campaigning. First is the selection of a domain name that should contain the main keyword and obviously no hyphens. It is advised to use easy and simple keywords, which are used widely. The keyword density comes close second.

Many people think that high keyword density will lead the site to get a good ranking, but always remember that high density of keywords are mostly taken as spamming, which may leave the site blacklisted. So, be careful while using keywords in your writing. Apart from these, link exchanging, directory submission, social media optimization, article submission, blogging and so on are the most common constituents of any standard SEO packages under the search engine optimization periphery.

A number of Search Engine Optimization Australia companies offer search engines optimization services. All these companies offer various attractive SEO packages, easy on pocket and high on expectations. According to your budget and business necessity, you can choose any of these packages. Even more, if you are looking for Google Adwords packages, many of these companies will help you strategically.

Especially, if you are keener about web marketing, these companies will provide you with intelligent PPC campaigns and related services. It is true that of late, 80% expenses pertaining to web marketing are spent on PPC marketing only. No matter whether you want sponsored match PPC campaign or content match PPC campaign, with a wide range of PPC services, these Search Engine Optimization Australia companies will definitely meet your needs. Whatever you do before selecting a company, you must first check how proficient they are in using various search engine techniques, their packages, rates on offer and then only go for the best option. Search engine optimization not only steps up your web presence, but also allows you to reach out to a wide extent and give your business a new high. Finding a suitable SEO service is necessary by having an analytical look at company profiles and their clientele.

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June 7, 2009

Why The Hell My Blogs Revenue are So Low?

blogging-cat I think I might have caught your attention with that Title which was my plan :-/

Those who do not blog completely because they want to earn some extra money often thinks: “Why the hell my blogs revenue so low?” Many people who think that blogs simply can not generate much money. They are absolutely wrong! Blog can generate you the same amount of money if not more compared to any other website. Now I am talking about PPC (Pay per click) sources of revenue such as Google-Adsense here.

The main thing I have noticed is that people tend to concentrate on wider markets. If you are running a personal diary kind of blog in which you talk about your dreams and other gossips around the world; the chances are that there are thousands of similar blogs around. The more competition you have, the harder it will be for you to make some cash.

Instead try concentrating on smaller markets also known as niche markets. Not only it will be easier for you to develop the traffic, the CPC (Cost per click) should also be higher due to advertisers demand exceeding publishers supply.

Secondly you need to have a unique selling point. You need to give your readers something that nobody else does. This should really help you get returning visitors.

Finally it’s the ads themselves. You should channel your ads. By this you will be able to measure your various ad block’s performance. One of the most important things is to Keep experimenting. Try different ad formats, colors and positioning. Run your setup for a few weeks, note the performance and try something different. Even if you think you have found the optimum ad setup keep on trying to improve it. In most cases you can always tweak something to make your ad performance much better than earlier.

I hope you might have got your answer whenever you think like “Why the hell my blogs revenue so low?

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100+ Do Follow Forums To Increase Backlinks

Here is a DO-Follow Forums list by where you can reply with your blog name n get enormous backlinks.They all are 100% Verified,there is no doubt in it.So Enjoy this huge list.

  1. http://forums.digitalpoint.com
  2. http://www.vuju.com/
  3. http://checkthisup.com
  4. http://www.sitepoint.com/forums
  5. http://www.thewebmasterforum.net
  6. http://www.webmasterforums.com
  7. http://www.allcoolforum.com
  8. http://www.warriorforum.com
  9. http://forums.webicy.com
  10. http://thehyipforum.com
  11. http://www.webmasterforumsonline.com
  12. http://www.webmasters.am/forum
  13. http://www.webmasterforums.net
  14. http://www.devhunters.com
  15. http://www.webmaster-forum.net
  16. http://www.geekvillage.com/forums
  17. http://www.zymic.com/forum
  18. http://www.webmastershelp.com
  19. http://www.webmasterdesk.org
  20. http://www.webmasterground.com
  21. http://developers.evrsoft.com/forum
  22. http://www.websitebabble.com
  23. http://www.elancetalk.com
  24. http://www.talkingcity.com
  25. http://www.australianwebmaster.com
  26. http://www.wtricks.com
  27. http://www.forums.webzonetalk.com
  28. http://www.htmlforums.com
  29. http://www.searchbliss.com/forum
  30. http://www.webmasterize.com
  31. http://www.webmasterserve.com
  32. http://www.freehostforum.com
  33. http://www.seorefugee.com/forums
  34. http://www.cre8asiteforums.com/forums
  35. http://forums.seo.ph
  36. http://forums.delphiforums.com
  37. http://www.web-mastery.net
  38. http://www.webworkshop.net/seoforum/index.php
  39. http://www.webproworld.com
  40. http://www.bzimage.org
  41. http://www.v7n.com/forums
  42. http://www.dnforum.com
  43. http://www.webcosmoforums.com
  44. http://forums.webicy.com
  45. http://forum.hittail.com/phpbb2/index.php
  46. http://www.affiliateseeking.com/forums
  47. http://siteownersforums.com/index.php
  48. http://www.webmaster-forums.net
  49. http://www.geekpoint.net
  50. http://www.smallbusinessforums.org
  51. http://forums.ukwebmasterworld.com
  52. http://www.experienceadvertising.com/forum
  53. http://opensourcephoto.net/forum
  54. http://forums.seochat.com
  55. http://forums.searchenginewatch.com
  56. http://www.ihelpyou.com/forums
  57. http://dishnews.medianetwork.co.in/yabb2/YaBB.pl
  58. http://www.businesss-forum.com
  59. http://www.9mb.com
  60. http://acapella.harmony-central.com/forums
  61. http://forums.seroundtable.com
  62. http://www.submitexpress.com/bbs
  63. http://www.startups.co.uk/6678842908486596004/forums.html
  64. http://www.webmaster-talk.com
  65. http://forums.comicbookresources.com
  66. http://www.clicks.ws/forum/index.php
  67. http://www.acorndomains.co.uk
  68. http://forums.onlinebookclub.org
  69. http://www.ableton.com/forum
  70. http://www.davidcastle.org/BB
  71. http://www.webtalkforums.com
  72. http://www.bloggapedia.com/forum
  73. http://www.bloggertalk.com/forum.php
  74. http://paymentprocessing.cc
  75. http://www.directoryjunction.com/forums
  76. http://www.internetmarketingforums.net
  77. http://www.lex224.com/forums/index.php
  78. http://forum.joomla.org
  79. http://forum.mambo-foundation.org/index.php
  80. http://www.simplemachines.org/community/index.php
  81. http://www.namepros.com/index.php
  82. http://loanofficerforum.com/forum
  83. http://iq69.com/forums
  84. http://forum.hot4s.com.au
  85. http://forums.mysql.com
  86. http://forums.amd.com/forum
  87. http://softwarecommunity.intel.com/isn/Community/en-us/Forums
  88. http://forums.cnet.com
  89. http://seotalk.medianetwork.co.in
  90. https://www.computerbb.org
  91. http://forum.vbulletinsetup.com
  92. http://www.irishwebmasterforum.com
  93. http://www.app-developers.com
  94. http://forums.stuffdaily.com
  95. http://forums.seo.com
  96. http://www.webdigity.com
  97. http://www.inboundlinksforum.com
  98. http://forums.gentoo.org
  99. http://ubuntuforums.org
  100. http://forum.textpattern.com
  101. http://talk.iwebtool.com
  102. http://www.frogengine.com/forum
  103. http://www.capitaltheory.com
  104. http://www.smsbucket.com/forums/
  105. http://www.seoin.info
  106. http://vidberry.com
  107. http://www.teamaguilar.com/forum/
  108. http://www.discuss4fun.com
  109. http://www.fightagainstrecession.com
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Bad Google Adsense Words That Will Not Make You Money

blogging %% Adsense is the most popular advertisement application that most of webmasters and bloggers use to make money. So I will try to help you not to fail if you use Adsense. Well, there are many articles about the words that Google pay most however there are many words that shouldn’t be used at all. Just imagine that there are many or several words you can’t say on TV. The situation with Adsense is the same but there are many more words that can’t be used. Using bad words may get you a penalty.

If you wonder what the penalty is I can say that these bad words may prevent normal Adsense ads from being shown. Public service ads (PSA) will be shown on your blog and I want to notice that PSA do not pay any money. It means that you will not get paid but impressions will be counted.

If you really want to use these bad words try to use numbers instead of letters. So have you ever noticed that you have number of clicks in your Adsense account but no amount of money ? Look at the words below that will not help you make money. By the way, some of these words may be good because nobody knows all the bad words. These words shouldn’t be used in any form.


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June 6, 2009

6 Tricks to Make Your Blogs Load Faster

If you keep your blog loading slowly, you lose visitors. To make your blogs load faster, you can increase your internet connection, but it only works for you. It does not work for your visitors. Thus the best way to fix this is to have your blogs clean. That is the only way, but how? This is a good question anyway. There are many factors that make your blogs load slowly, so there are many ways to fix it.

1.Coding: if you see any code that is un-necessary, you can delete it or if you see any similar code that they write twice, you could delete it and combine then into one function. For example, if you write style for each tag, and those styles are the same, you should write one class in CSS and connect to it.

2. Comments: If you already understood the code, you should delete the comments in your code because it is not necessary anymore.

3. Create thumbnail for picture: If you have a big picture, and you put it on your blogs. That makes your blogs load really slowly because it takes time to load the full picture. You should create a thumbnail for that picture and link it to original picture. If that picture is not necessary for your post, you can only have a link to it. By doing it, your blogs become lighter and faster.

4. Widget, function: As I mention in previous post, widgets can become a main reason for blogs loading slowly, so if it is not very useful for your blogs, you should remove it from your blogs.

5.JavaScript: You can write all your JavaScript code in to 1 or 2 files and connect to them by using src link.

6.Flash: As I said, you should not use flash for your blogs. It usually takes too much time to load.

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June 5, 2009

Free Domain Names

domain_250x251 1. www.1and1.com/free-domains

Up to 5 Free Domains w/ Hosting. Private Registration Incl


MS Office Live Small Business: Free Website, Domain Name, Email & More


directory with comparison table of websites offering top-level domain names for free, such as Dot.tk.

4. www.domjax.com/

Domjax is combination of free seo tools, page rank checks, html validity, free domain name search, traffic information tools and many more.


Register a free subdomain of .co.nr free domain name! No ads, plus free URL redirection (free URL forwarding), free URL cloaking & masking, path forwarding, ...


One free domain name registration per package. Offer does not apply to Premium domains. Your domain name will automatically renew after one year at our low ...

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June 3, 2009

How to follow a Blogger blog without Follower Gadget

Recently, Blogger introduced the Followers Gadget. It is a very useful tool. This gadget is used to build a community network for your blog. This gadget is similar to feed. It can help you get new information on other Blogger blogs quickly. Unlike feed, you can only get their updates on the feed readers.  With Follower Gadget, when you subscribe, you can get their updates on the Blogger dashboard and in Google reader.  So, when you log in your blogs in Blogger dashboard, you can easily see the update on other blogs. However, most bloggers do not use this gadget on their blogs.  When you see an interesting blog, you want to subscribe to their follower, but their do not have one. You may not feel good. There is a solution to this problem.

To follow a blog that does not use Follower Gadget, you need their blogID. You can find this ID in their blog source code. Open their blog source, and search for blogID number

Then replace this number with blognumber in the following link:


Copy this link and past it in the browser address, then it will ask you to choose to subscribe privately or publicly.

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Creating Blog Entries

blogging_101 When it comes to running a blog, the owner needs to be able to regularly generate content. This task comes easy to some, but for many, it can occasionally happen that the ideas stop coming. Failing to post for a little while can be detrimental to a blog’s traffic, so the site owner needs to be sure to have a steady flow of traffic. There are a number of ways in which the site owner can generate content, below are a few ways to do so.

Learn from others -

Watch blogs that are similar to yours, finding out what they are posting about and learning more about what is interesting and worth are relating to the constituents of your blogs. There is a lot that you can learn from other blogs, so look to industry experts and other bloggers and see what you can glean from them when it comes to creating blog content for your own endeavor.

Subscribe to RSS Feeds -

By subscribing to RSS feeds you can come up with plenty of new blog topics and subjects to write about. Read other blogs and find out about current news, events and other hot topics that will allow you to get a better feel for what needs to be discussed in your blog.

Talk with other Bloggers -

Ask questions to other bloggers as to job information, how they come up with ideas and other similar subjects. Talk with other bloggers and you will get an excellent idea of what is going on out there, and even more importantly, how you can generate more content for your blog. Open yourself up to conversations with other bloggers in your niche or industry and you are bound to come with all kinds of ideas for content.

Visit your past and read your blog history -

The best way to know what to write is to look back in time at what you have already talked about. You can also find entries which are in need of revisions or that you can update. If you have written about something in the past that could be touched on again, reference the old blog post with a link and update your readers with new relevant information.

Invite a Guest Blogger -

It can be a good this to invite a blogger who is an expert in the same or related field as your own. Inviting a guest blogger will allow you to add content to your blog without necessarily having to write it yourself. Expand your blog with content from other bloggers and attract more traffic to your site.

Hire a Professional -

Sometimes, you just need the article written and the best way to accomplish this is to hire a blogger. If you are having trouble coming up with content for your blog, are not sure what to write next, or simply need assistance getting content written on demand, don’t be afraid to hire a professional to assist you.

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Keep Readers Coming Back to Your Blog

If you have a blog, you want to keep readers coming back. You can attract readers in a variety of ways, but keeping them is a little harder. You may end up high in the search engines for tons of keywords and pull in tons of unique page views. But how do you keep these new blog readers interested enough to come back again?

Many bloggers don’t. They do all the right things to get people there, but fail at engaging people enough that they’ll come back to read some more. What are the tricks, then, to keep readers coming back to your blog?

There are no tricks, which is a good thing. Tricks are hard. The techniques to get people coming back are instead just common sense that many people seem to forget when they’re writing their blogs. The main technique is to actually write something someone wants to read.

Obviously, your blog has to be interesting. If you get tons of unique page views and no comments at all, then the people reading your posts don’t find them interesting enough to comment on, and they’re probably not coming back.

If you’re using SEO in your posts, then you’re blogging correctly for the search engines. But don’t forget to actually make the posts about something, too. A post about shoes that simply goes on to say that you could pick a red shoe, or blue shoes, and there are 800,000 different kinds of shoes without ever offering anything but that kind of fluff won’t get people to come back. If you explain the benefits of choosing the red shoe over the blue one, then you have actual content.

Make sure that your content is actually something people need to know. Really bad SEO writing about those shoes, for example, might manage to get the keywords in a good number of times and still be about more than listing types of shoes. That doesn’t mean it’s good.

A really unimaginative person who doesn’t have anything to say about shoes might write a post about how you could choose red shoes over blue shoes because you like red better. Or that red shoes are different from blue shoes because one is dyed red . . . and the other, blue. This kind of SEO writing is all over the Internet. It might pull in keyword-related traffic, but who will come back for more of that?

To keep readers coming back to your blog you have to engage them somehow. Don’t use a keyword-stuffed post about nothing, making it interesting at the same time-it’s not that hard to do. How-to posts are very popular, as are posts with useful lists like “Top 10 Reasons Red Shoes are Better than Blue.”

Just don’t stop at a catchy title. Actually deliver what you said you would. Give the reader something interesting enough that they’ll want to check back later to see what else you might be writing about in your blog and you’ll keep the reader coming back.

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Blog Plug-Ins to Get More Readers


Wordpress specifically has a number of plug-ins for blogging that will allow you to attract more readers to your blog. Some of the best blog plug-ins for increasing traffic to come in three main categories:

  • Social networking and bookmarking
  • Posting across many different platforms
  • RSS feed helpers

    BTE Related Websites: For WordPress users the best way to get traffic is to use the plugin called Related Websites. The more bloggers that use this plugin, the stronger the whole system is. To get your links to show up on relevant posts, you must join and become a full member. This quality control is completely humanized so that the system is never compromised. You get strong related links for your site and in addition are linked to from other sites. What are you waiting for?

    RSS Feeds: Lots of people prefer to read blogs in feeds rather than having to visit several different blog sites per day. This doesn’t actually get them coming through as traffic, but they read the post and will follow links and other such information. If you don’t have your blog available as a feed, then you’re missing out on those readers who prefer feeds over surfing to your blog regularly.

    Some of the more popular Wordpress plug-ins for RSS feeds do different things. Some are designed to allow you to add a copyright to your posts like ©Feed, which also “fingerprints” your feed so you can search for plagiarists who are duplicating your content. Feed Footer lets you copyright as well, and also lets you add advertising in the footer of your feeds.

    The type of plug-in that lets you use ads is great for those into monetizing their blogs and can help offset the loss of clicks or advertiser revenue by adding it to the feed. Feedvertiser lets you place ads in your feed, as well. Feed Control lets you exclude certain posts from the feed, while Better Feed lets you ad the © notice, a del.icio.us link and a “read more” link to lead people to your blog.

    Feedstats lets you see the stats on your feeds, and SlashComment adds a little note to the end of the feeds about the number of comments on the post.

    Social Bookmarking: For social bookmarking and networking within your blog, the one of the best plug-ins is called Share This. Unlike many other plug-ins that will let you social bookmark at Digg, Reddit or del.icio.us, Share This create a drop-down box where the reader can choose from about 14 of the most popular Social Bookmarking sites online. The Social plug-in, however, has the record for offering 61 social bookmarking links to your reader.

    The RSS Flashfeeder to MySpace combines the RSS feed help with social networking, by letting you send the last two posts of your feed directly to your MySpace page.

    Crossposting: These plug-ins let you make a post in your Wordpress blog and recreate in your other blogs without having to copy and paste. One plug-in, Dj-Email-Publish, sends your new post by email to many or your other blogs, like those on MSN.

    For those with blogs at popular sites LiveJournal, Vox and Xanga, each has a separate crossover plug-in that allows the content in your Wordpress blog to be automatically cross-posted to that other blog. Live Space Sync lets you send your content to all the contacts you have in Microsoft Live.

    Getting the word out about your new post is made much easier by using these handy blog plug-ins.

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