July 24, 2009

Add Yahoo Messenger to Your Blog

Yahoo ! Presence is a kind of online status button which indicates the Yahoo messenger status of a webmaster , on his blog/website or forum  .On clicking the online status button (usually a smiley) a new window will appear, leading the visitor to Yahoo web messenger .Yahoo online presence in your blog or website


Add Yahoo messenger to a website , you need Yahoo Geocities account . In Geocities control panel select create & update then addons from sub tab . After selecting Yahoo! presence choose a suitable button and copy the code anywhere . Other than presence, there are services like Yahoo search , webcam ,maps,guest book,email form etc. that you can choose if you want them .

To add  Yahoo messenger to Blogger , open dashboard and select the blog where you want to implement the code .

Go to Layout and select a suitable location for the widget to appear . Click to add a page element ( Add a Gadget for blogger in draft) and select HTML and JavaScript .Paste the code and save your widget.

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mignonesia said...

I want to try this. Thanks for sharing it.:)

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