January 17, 2009

15 Things to do When There is Nothing to Blog About

blog So you are blogging all the week like 24/7 and suddenly one day you find yourself with nothing to write about.

You might be deeply thinking about :

  • What should i write now?
  • What to do?
  • Where should i get my inspiration from?
  • Why can't I just think of something to blog !!?
  • What's happening to me!!!!?

This is a time where you loose hope and might even get the idea to stop blogging. Well this is a major reason why most of the bloggers sell their blogs or just close them down! 

You come to a state where you get frustrated over yourself, well this is a big factor for those who love to blog. 

So what to do now? I come across this moment most of the time and I find myself doing these below, I recommend these for all those out there who need them for the moment :

  1. Write an article about a website you love to visit all the time.
  2. Search for stories from Digg and write something about it.
  3. Visit some PTC sites and click some ads.
  4. Write about something funny or articles on love..!!! (This works all the time for me)
  5. Participate in some forums like MeraWindows, Thinkdigit and Indiastudy channel so that others might find a way to your blog.
  6. Visit some awesome blogs like problogger and learn about new stuff.
  7. Maintain your blog ( clean up useless stuff from your blog )
  8. Submit your blog in different blog catalogue's.
  9. Write some paid posts on PayPerPost.
  10. Edit your old posts for nice SEO.
  11. Add some sites that I love to surf in Blogroll (although they are very less right now)
  12. Notify about some free utilites which can be really very useful for most of the folks.
  13. Try writing an extension or a sequel to your featured post, which brings back your readers.
  14. TAKE A BREAK ! well we are human beings and not machines right?
  15. Visit my blog and enjoy yourself.

You know what people, this article was a result of me running out of articles to post..!

Well lastly to all the bloggers out there,

Blogging is not our Job, It's our passion

So guys let me know what you do in times like these..

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