February 10, 2009

How much traffic can social bookmarking sites bring to your blog?


If you a regular net surfer, you must have noticed an increase in number of social bookmarking sites in the recent past. Also the number of people that use these sites is also increasing steadily. What is the reason these sites are becoming increasing popular among the users and webmasters? Social Bookmarking sites like Technorati, Digg, StumbleUpon and Del.icio.us are helping webmasters make their websites popular and get quality backlinks to their sites. These sites help you to advertise your website to the readers in your niche , thus helping you to get highly targeted readers for your blog.

What are Social Bookmarking sites?
For the readers who are wondering what is a social bookmarking site.It is a site where you can go and share your site with readers in your niche, share your list of favourite sites,news and articles of interest with like minded bloggers. Any social bookmarking site cannot be compared with other one simply because there are huge differences in the way they operate. Although there are many differences between different bookmarking sites, one thing is same in all of these sites- anyone can share the sites they have stumbled across , they can voice an opinion about a particular site and have freedom of expression while doing it.

Is social Bookmarking really helpful?
Let us assume that you have added a social bookmarking button to your blog and you receive a million visitors to your blog out of which only 1% bookmark your site, it may not sound like a huge number but you are rest assured that this number will grow with time and will help you get good number of regular visitors to your site. Also by submitting your site to these sites you get a backlink from sites having a PageRank as high as 9. These backlinks will definitely help improve your PR and help you get good search engine placements and hence good search engine traffic.

Will it work for your site?
If you are still confused whether this will work for your site or not, bookmarking will work only thing being that you need to have good and unique content on your blog. Remember it is not difficult to get visitors to your website, only difficult thing being to make them come again.The most important thing being that you need to provide something which is very useful for your readers free of charge if possible. It should be planned that your first time visitors along with bookmarking your site pass it on to their friends so that your websites popularity spreads virally so that you can tap the traffic and make the most from it.

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