May 27, 2009

Social Media! What Is It? How Does It Work?

social-media-waste-of-time So I was talking to a business partner of mine the other day and he was asking me about how I was approaching social media or web 2.0 and that it was a little hard to find the line between business and pleasure. He asked me what is social media or web 2.0 and how does it work? Here is the deal. Social media or web 2.0 is like a really big party or get together that you have to be invited to. It is all about who you know and how popular you are….kind of like in High School except for all age brackets.

Now lets put this into perspective. Lets say you meet someone in a coffee shop and they invite you to a welcome party for a friend who just moved into town. You accept and plan on seeing them there at the party. So you walk into the party and the first thing you do is walk up to 20 different people and say, “HEY, DO YOU WANT TO JOIN MY BUSINESS..I HAVE SOME GREAT IDEAS. YOU COULD MAKE 200,000.00 THIS YEAR FROM HOME…WHAT DO YOU THINK…HUH..HUH…HUH!

Do you think you would ever be invited to that party again. NO, NOT A CHANCE. In fact they would all label you as the weird guy who was trying to get everyone to join there business.

Social media or web 2.0 can be a great marketing tool but it can also be a great way to meet amazing people and friends for life. I know that we all have en devours and new business ideas and some of us genuinely want to see people succeed and live the life of their dreams so don’t think that you have to change who you are or what you are passionate about. Let’s try not to forget the origins of social media or web 2.0 when people used myspace and facebook to connect with friends and not for business. Just remember to always be yourself no matter what and you will always attract people like you. Try to branch out and meet some new people. Reconnect with old friends and who knows. If you are single you might even find the perfect mate in this crazy thing called social media.

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