June 7, 2009

Bad Google Adsense Words That Will Not Make You Money

blogging %% Adsense is the most popular advertisement application that most of webmasters and bloggers use to make money. So I will try to help you not to fail if you use Adsense. Well, there are many articles about the words that Google pay most however there are many words that shouldn’t be used at all. Just imagine that there are many or several words you can’t say on TV. The situation with Adsense is the same but there are many more words that can’t be used. Using bad words may get you a penalty.

If you wonder what the penalty is I can say that these bad words may prevent normal Adsense ads from being shown. Public service ads (PSA) will be shown on your blog and I want to notice that PSA do not pay any money. It means that you will not get paid but impressions will be counted.

If you really want to use these bad words try to use numbers instead of letters. So have you ever noticed that you have number of clicks in your Adsense account but no amount of money ? Look at the words below that will not help you make money. By the way, some of these words may be good because nobody knows all the bad words. These words shouldn’t be used in any form.


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Lilian said...

oh i never realized this one...no wonder why my earnings is very small inspite some clicks i get...thanks for sharing have to be careful with these words now

blog buat bisnis said...

your articles inspired me a lot...thanks...

link exchange?

mrf79 said...

your article is very useful for me. Thank a lot.

Ciss B said...

Good thoughts on a complicated idea. I appreciate it in simple language, thanks!

AdSense seems so simple but there's lots of frustrating "hick-ups" that can drive a person crazy!

Anonymous said...

Good thing,I added you,I've learned a lot.

mytheory said...

i never consider about this kind of thing b4..
very cool and informative..
just curious,where u got this idea pal?

Gregory said...

Thanks. I was already aware of this but you just made me focus on this concept a little more. Overall your blog seems very informative. I give it a thumbs up!

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