June 27, 2009

6 Tips How to Write Effective PPC Ads

Pay per Click Nowadays, it became quite easy to start and maintain Pay per Click (PPC) campaigns. Looking from the dull side, there is a lot of money being wasted given that these Ads are appealing to the visitor, thus reducing the Click through Rate.

Writing effective PPC Ads can be quite easy. The most important thing to remember is that the one and only goal of your PPC Ad is to get clicked. There is no room for branding and no time to sell. You can do all that on the landing page, but only if you get the visitor to your landing page.

Keep in Mind: The Headline

Just as in all advertising, the headline is the most important part of your PPC Ad. In fact, studies show that Ads with powerful headlines get clicked even if the rest of the ad copy is below average. The number one tip is to include your keyword in your headline. And whenever possible, include active words and speak to your target market. Avoid exclamation points or other symbols which only take up space.

Keep in Mind: The Benefits

Again, writing a PPC ad is not much different than writing a display ad - except of course you have much less words to work with. Emphasize the benefits to your visitors, not the features of your products. In other words, what will your customer get when he uses your product or service?

Keep in Mind: Your Target Market

Display Ads work best when the reader believes the Ad is meant for him - and the same goes for your PPC Ad. While you might not have enough space to use "Attention: Small Business Owners" you can probably fit the word "you" into your Ad.

Keep in Mind: The Action

You don't want to waste your precious Ad space with the obvious "click here" but you can refer to what action the visitor will take on your landing page. How about "take the quiz" or "request and instant quote" or whatever fits your particular situation.

Keep in Mind: Your Secondary Goal

The number one goal is to get a click, but what do you hope to accomplish once the visitor gets to your landing page? Do you want to capture names, or do you want to make a sale? If you want as many names as possible, offer something free in your Ad.

Keep in Mind: The Competition

Before writing your Ads look at current Ads for your keywords. Next, do the exact opposite of what the industry norm is. Why? PPC is similar to the yellow pages with all your competitors lumped into one space, looking almost identical. Do something different so you will stand out from the crowd.

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