March 20, 2009

8 Wordpress Blog Theme Design Considerations

wordpress-logo1 Most blogging platforms offer a wide variety of different themes to chose from, and most can be altered and edited to suit your needs, or left alone exactly as they are. Some themes are plain and dull while others are colorful, modern and inspiring. There are thousands of themes out there for different blogging platforms, and there are more WordPress themes than any other blog themes out there. While there are hundreds if not thousands of WordPress blog theme designs out there, here is a small list of themes that are well worth considering.

- Grid Focus Public -

This is a three column style WordPress theme. The navigation bars for the blog can be found both at the top and the bottom of the pages, in order to give visitors an ample opportunity to explore. This theme offers a very clear hierarchy and structure.

- Copy Blogger -

The is a really cool WordPress theme that allows you to modify colors, fonts and all kinds of tiny details by utilizing a custom Style Sheet solution that comes included with the downloader for the theme. Thanks to open source development, you can also implement add-on styles as well.

- Jello Wala Mello -

This is a news themed or magazine themed WordPress theme that was created primarily to suit multi media sites. Some of the positives include the fact that it has a beautiful color scheme, plenty of subtle design touches, and is easy to implement and begin using.

- K2 -

This is an advanced template that is only available for WordPress, though it also offers AJAX powered features including live commenting and live search. It also allows rolling archives, a navigation system designed specifically to suit K2.

- Whyte -

Monochromatic themes do not necessarily have to be boring, and Whyte is definitely a testament to this fact. It offers plenty of features including AdSense Ready, Widget Ready, Comments, Recent Entries and pinging separated on post pages. You can also create your own logo, add active navigation and do plenty more with this unique and versatile WordPress theme.

- Vertigo -

This is a modern WordPress theme that is available both in two column format and three column formats. It is a widget ready theme, making it easy to implement and even easier to customize to suit your needs.

- Grid Lock -

This is a cool WordPress theme because it is designed not to look like a blog, but rather like a standard HTML website. It also has a standard HTML help page which helps you customize your Grid Lock Theme, which is something most WordPress themes do not come with.

- Long Horn -

This is a minimalist style two column Wordpress theme with a simple design that can easily be used and implemented. This WordPress theme is compatible with a number of browsers including IE 6 and 7, Opera, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari.

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