March 9, 2009

Free PageRank Display Widget

PageRank Widget Spam bots harvest email addresses from web sites and blogs. This email scrambler is designed to obfuscate your email address using Javascript, which ensures only Javascript enabled browsers can read the email address, thus protecting it from email harvesters.

To use this email scrambler, simply enter your email address in the box below and type the link you would like to display to your visitors (eg: "Email Me"). When you click the "Scramble Email" button, you will be presented with javascript code which you can copy and paste into your blog template where you would like the email link to be displayed (eg: in an HTML/Javascript widget in your sidebar).

Scramble your email addres
Email address:   Link text:  
Note: Just leave the 'Link text' field blank if you want your email address be displayed.

Instructions: Paste the code above in your blog template/web page where you would like the email link to appear.

Please note: for Blogger users, the email link will not display in the body of a blog post. Instead, you should use the generated Javascript in an HTML/Javascript widget in your sidebar (or similar).

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