March 25, 2009

What is Your Niche?

When you are working to find your blog’s niche, it would be a bad idea to choose one that you think is profitable. That would be the wrong choice to make. Instead, you should consider a few questions in determining your niche. The first is important: Is it something that you are interested in? You will be tasked with generating lots of content, with frequent posting. This will cost you time in terms of research, writing, brainstorming, etc. Without interest in your genre, you won’t last. Motivation will dwindle and the blog will be short lived. Plus, if the blog talks about what you are interested in, you will have a lot of knowledge to start with.

You should also ask if your niche is too specific or general. To specific, and you may find yourself capping off with five readers. Too general, and you will be competing with blogs that are already well established. Try to achieve a balance so that the competition will not be as high, and that you will attract a good number of readers. As an example, instead of a baseball blog, choose a specific team, or state or stadium. Related to this, ask who your audience is. A blog that is targeting senior citizens may not do so well right now, because those individuals may not spend time online. A generation from now, that may not be true. Targeting a specific region, do they have internet?

Now ask yourself, will you be able to easily advertise? This is important if your goal is to generate traffic for revenue. Your blog should be able to reach high in the rankings, advertising should be able to added to the blog without much distraction, and that there are other similar blogs which you could potentially exchange links with. Your searching should also answer another question, who are your competitors? Finding out who these people are will allow you to generate content that is different so that you do can draw readers to your site.

If you are seeking profit, will your niche be profitable? This will not apply to all blogs, as some people are out there to inform, not necessarily make money. This also should not be the only concern with a blog. If in considering the first question, you find a few topics which you have interest in, you can try and pick from the list the one is most profitable. Topics for which you are most passionate should have preference as they will be the easiest to generate content for.

Finding a niche is a process that requires much thought and inner reflection. You should not pick a niche for the profit alone. What is most important is that you choose a genre that you have passion for. Not only will your blog do much better in terms of quality and quantity, but you will not lose interest and find yourself disliking your blog. Make sure that you know the answers to the above questions before settling on a niche.

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