April 9, 2009

5 Tips To Optimize Your Web Page Content

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Search engine optimization is about content. The higher the quality of your web page content, the higher it will be ranked for your keywords. Without effective content optimization, your off-page optimization efforts might be wasted. The following explains top 5 tips about optimizing your web page content.


#1 Keep Your Content Fresh

Google and other search engines love fresh and unique content. It helps to separate your site from countless others in your niche. From user point of view,  we want to read the most updated information. This is what search engines trying to emphasize.

Blog is a good way to produce fresh content. And one of the biggest advantage in blogging is it will update post content automatically by attracting comments. This will certainly keep your post content fresh and hot enough with better rankings given by search engines.

#2 High Text To Code Ratio

Maintaining a high text to code ratio is always preferred. Search engines are different from human. They like to index simple pages as compared to pages with lots of fancy codings such as Ajax, Flash and etc. The more is your codes, the more likely the errors will occur. And it will prevent search engines from crawling and properly interpreting your web page.

#3 Maintain Appropriate Keyword Density Percentage

Since keywords are the terms that people searching to find your web pages, it’s important to maintain appropriate keyword density percentage. In any of your web page, you should target a few keywords instead of just having one. This is where Google determine your page relevancy to a niche.

Having a low keyword density for your targeted keywords will result in low positions and having a high percentage may cause Google to think that you are stuffing keywords. For the best effect, choose 1 ~ 2 strong keyword phrases and target for 2% ratio for keyword to article length. For example, if an article is around 300 words, then it should have 6 keyword phrases.

#4 Start Strong And Finish Strong

The secret of SEO is to start strong and finish strong. This is often overlook by most of the people. You should place your main keyword phrase in the first and last paragraph of your content. The purpose is to attract the attention of your readers and relate your article to what you’re searching for.

However it doesn’t mean you can ignore the rest of your article. Sprinkle the keyword phrases throughout the remaining content will help to strengthen its SEO effectiveness.

#5 Strategic Links On Keywords

One of the effective ways to increase your search engine rankings is to embed internal links in your page content pointing to another page of your site.

For example, intead of waiting for a visitor to click to your “SEO” page, you can write a phrase like “affordable SEO” and link to your “SEO” page. This will not only bring traffic to your “SEO” page, but it also increase the search engine rankings of your “SEO” page.


While you’re optimizing your web page with other on-page and off-page techniques, you should not forget the importance of content optimization. With 5 technique mentioned above, content optimization gives you the best effect.

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