April 16, 2009

How Much Money is Your Blog Worth?



How much $$ is your blog worth? I think this is one of those typical questions that we often ask ourselves. We know that a blog unlike a real estate (landed property) is basically an intellectual property and there is no specific measurement to determine the value of our blogs. The popularity of our blogs however are heavily depending on Alexa, Google PR, backlinks among others. I'm going to tell you now how valuable my blog is.




Congratulations! Your blog is worth $24,630


Wow! I just can’t believe it. My infant blog (less than 1 month old) worth $106,020 and this amount is far far beyond my expectation and imagination! This blog must have cost me a fortune lol. Imagine the value of it after a year, it's going to be 10 times more than the amount now. MY BLOG IS A GOLDEN EGG. Anyone wants to buy my golden egg, please contact me now  .

Well needless to say much,I guess you know it’s too good to be true. After all it's just a game designed to make you feel happy at least for a while but it’s fun to play. Do try it out yourself and if you like, you can let me know how much your blog worth.

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