March 29, 2009

“Email This Article to a Friend” WordPress Plugins

emailIcon You probably noticed that most mainstream media websites have an “Email this article” link on most of their pages, right? Lately many blogs started employing this feature too. But how do you add that feature to your own blog? There are two plugins that you can use for that purpose.

The first one is called WP-Email. It will basically insert an “Email this article” link below your posts, and once the user clicks there he will be sent to a page where he just need to fill in the details to send the article to someone. Here is a screenshot of how that page looks like:



Another plugin that does that job is the email2friend. The only difference is that instead of sending the user to another page it will open a new window where the forms will appear, as the image below illustrates.


I think the “email to a friend” feature is a cool one, although I am not sure how often it is used. Have you ever used it on your site? How often did your readers used it?

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